Lucas Lab

We use computational models and psychological experiments to understand human cognition, and build systems that take inspiration from human cognition, with a particular emphasis on the ability to learn and act in new and changing situations.

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Nov 2, 2023 Edinburgh has two new cogsci-related Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs): “Responsible and Trustworthy in-the-world NLP”, and “Dependable and Deployable AI for Robotics”. These are successors to CDTs that have funded PhD students in the group. Here’s the anncouncement from Informatics.
Nov 1, 2023 Verna Dankers’s “Non-Compositionality in Sentiment: New Data and Analyses” has been accepted at EMNLP Findings and will be presented at the BlackBoxNLP workshop.
Oct 27, 2023 Jan-Philipp Fränken’s “Naïve information aggregation in human social learning” is in press in Cognition.
Sep 28, 2023 Chentian will be presenting “Learning How to Infer Partial MDPs for In-Context Adaptation and Exploration” – based on work from her recent internship at DeepMind – at the NeurIPS WiML workshop.
Aug 7, 2023 Bonan Zhao’s “How cognition bootstraps its way to complex concepts” has been accepted for publication at Nature Human Behaviour.