Jan-Philipp Fränken

Affiliated PhD Student

I currently spend around 50% of my time working on program induction and probabilistic programming. Specifically, I build algorithms for generating and adapting symbolic hypotheses (try our inductive rule learning problem here to get an intuition). I spend the rest of my time combining online multiplayer experiments with agent-based modelling to study how people form, share, and update beliefs in simulated social networks. Here, I am also interested in discovering how people might infer the structure of their social environment from observation of peers’ communications.

I am funded by the Germany Academic Scholarship Foundation. I am jointly supervised by Neil Bramley and Adam Moore.

Links: email | personal website | google scholar | github | Bramley Lab


PhD Psychology, 2023 (ongoing)
PPLS, University of Edinburgh

MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences, 2019
University College London

BSc Psychology and Neuroscience, 2018
University of Maastricht